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I did a thing…

So I was inspired by Jeremy Clarkson’s no shits given attitude, to write about our farming journey so far. It’s been hell and rewarding all at the same time. Stressful and relentless but weirdly joyous. I am lucky to be married to a Kaleb Cooper kind of guy I the form of @piersclosierfencing who can do it all and is an amazing father too. Without him I would be a sad crying mess in the corner. But ultimately teamwork makes the dream work. We have roughy 200 Eucalyptus trees, 2 ponies (1 of which is a cheeky Shetland pony who loves kids but hates men) a Labrador and a now flock of 16 sheep. We sadly lost our amazing cheeky terrier this year, which has been a pain, sadness and grief I didn’t think I could feel.

The last year of our farming journey has been interesting, with a very wet winter. What was our flower farm that started during covid is now 6feet tall in weeds and currently has a digger in the middle of it. Yes, only the poor peonies I planted a few years ago have hung on to flower the best they ever have! I have to say the docks and stingers are looking fabulous. But sometimes, something has to give and this year it’s the flower farm. I can’t do it all.

The Eucalyptus had the most severe pruning of their lives and we literally chopped their heads off with two kids, endless snacks, a quad bike from Grandpa, Labrador and sharp instruments in tow all whilst it threatened to rain.

We move onto spring with a slightly less than ideal lambing where we only had one Ewe lamb so not feeling the late nights where ideally worth it but nevertheless we got two beautiful healthy ewe lambs early hours of Easter week, I’ll be forever grateful for Granny @thefloristwithin showing me the ropes and holding my hand and of course our Rio link camera so I can check on them whilst I’m at my day job. No one tell the boss. But it is definitely a bonus working for a vet practice.

The year has moved on the lambs are fat and the flock has been sheared by the amazing Alex @adhawtree whilst little O ran around shouting at them and trying his hardest to eat the chocolate drops on the floor, don’t worry we thwarted his need to eat sheep poo I promise.

So three weeks on and why not put on their summer fly protection late on a Friday evening? Of course little H needs a wee and little O needs to watch tractor ted for the bazillionth time because he’s tired but hey that’s farming right? Thankfully Grandpa to the rescue. At least I feel I’ve had my yearly dose of fly protection. To add they normally get involved but as it was 20+ degrees still at 6pm and they were tired and cranky we opted for the easy option just this once and TT it was for the win. To be fair this all went better than the time we had to check the CIDRS (pregnancy hormone) were in place whilst hubby was holding little O, pissing himself laughing all whilst watching me wrestle the ewes in a pen and get completely taken out In the process.

We are lucky to of had pony shows In the mix, including first fall for Little H, where she gallantly got back on to complete a clear round and announce showing is boring and she now only wants to do jumping.

Flowers flowering in their trays, total fail on my behalf, note to self not enough hours in the day and time with friends and family.

I feel I have mastered a white cob loaf thanks to forgetting to pick up bread and a wild garlic salsa verde because we have a great passion for cooking. Luckily this has rubbed off on little H.

Our lives are a constant battle of striving to do more and achieve more and kind of messing it up or should I say muddling along en-route.

I figured it was high time I wrote about our chaos, namely my chaos that I love and wouldn’t change for the world.

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